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Welcome to our web site!
I have been a Packrat collector for most all my life. 
Now I think it is time to let others enjoy the many collections
that I have gathered over all these 70+ years.
I take pride in providing customers with quality photos and
 descriptions on all products and offer all items at a frugal price.
 This site shows  my Belt Buckle collection of American made,
quality buckles, these buckles are all from the 80's into the 90's
mostly new but some of the very rare ones may have been used
there are over 300 total in the various categories.
As in most all collections, there is only one of each item.

I am willing to look at offers for
a single category or for the complete collection!!
I am not accepting orders for single units!
Any order using this online catalog.
is subject to prior sales.
At this time we offer only PayPal for web purchases.


    This collection of older Collectable Belt Buckles are listed
 at  there Collectable Prices ---
Close-out Prices will be negotiated on
quantity with a minium of one category

            There is only one of each.
                 Prices very as to details, quality, and condition.

      E-mail any questions or offers.         Enjoy.

All offers for the entire collection will be considered.


Important Information!
The photo of each item is listed in three sizes
  The listing photo is the first photo.    Then clicking on the listing for information,
will bring up the page wilh more info and a larger photo,  [ photo #2 ].   
  Click on that photo  and you get an even larger photo,  [ photo #3 ].              
  This lets you have a good look at the item.


       I am 78 and a lot slower lately, still, 

        I will be adding various  collectable's  

         Some will be added to my main site.
          Check out my main clearance web site:


                            thank You  --  Old Mr Gee